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Surprise Birthday Party for Grandma & Grandpa!

My grandma and grandpa have birthdays just one day apart and this year my grandpa turned 75! My aunt decided to throw him a surprise birthday party slash birthday party for them both (though my grandma was in on the surprise) and I almost blew it!! Haha

It was so fun to surprise my grandpa! We had so many of his friends and family there to surprise him and show their love and support. My grandpa all made us cry and he is just the cutest crier. Is that even a thing? It is with my grandpa.

We had a DEEEEELICIOUS dinner at Wallaby's (if you haven't been there, GO!) and had some cake and presents for them. It was a lot of fun getting together with my family and seeing all of my cousins and aunt and uncles. I love them!

Before my grandpa and grandma arrived

↑ My uncle flew in from Washington to surprise his dad (my grandpa)! Grandpa cried and so did everyone else. ↑

↑ My dads family. Just missing him :(

It really turned out great and it was so much fun! Definitely bittersweet because we were missing someone very special. It's hard to celebrate and do fun things like this without my dad but I'm sure he was there with us and it just makes spending time together that much sweeter because it brings us all closer. Happy Birthday Grandma and Grandpa! We love you!

6 Year Anniversary!

I can't believe we've been married for 6 years!! I probably say that each anniversary but it's true! Time just flies by and before I know it, June has come again!

Wedding photos by AK Studio & Design

Brady and I have been through quite a bit in the last 6 years and we're so much closer to each other and so much stronger because of it. We have done our best to remain faithful in all that we do and to keep the Lord a big part of our life. We haven't been great at reading scriptures daily or studying that extra hour after church but we do our best and I think that's enough.

Spending time with Brady has become so important to me over the last couple of years. I miss him like crazy when I've gone a day or two without seeing him. I love when we just hang out together in the same room, play a game together, watch a movie or share a dinner together. We have to get creative where we live and I think that makes it a little fun.

I have seen Brady work hard each day at his job, at school, and at our marriage. He is my very best friend and sometimes I just sit and think about the blessing that he is in my life and how much I love him. We are really proud of where we are right now, and I'm especially proud of Brady. Changing "careers" and living location hasn't been easy but he's pushed through and has been my shoulder to lean on through it all. He has done really well with work and is happy with what he is doing and that makes me happy.

Happy anniversary babe! I love you so much.

Photography by Brianne Heiner Photography 

Family Vaca 2019

My family tries to get together and do a "vacation" at least once a year if we can and it's one of my favorite things to do each year!

This year, my entire family came up to Idaho to visit us and stay for the weekend! We were hoping it would be good weather while they were here. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't super lovely either. My sister and brother-in-law and their family came up Friday along with my mom and sister. My brother and his family couldn't come up until Saturday morning.

We had a yummy pork chop dinner that my husband loves to make! He just found the recipe online and it is actually realllllly good. We also went to the grocery store for some food and played board games before bed time. My mom brought a game for the kids called Headbandz (I think) and the kids LOVED it!! :) The kiddos had one big sleepover in the office and we squished everyone else wherever we could for the night!

Saturday morning, my brother and his family showed up and we headed to the lake soon after but the wind was INSANE and we were like, uh no. We ended up taking the kids to an indoor pool just a few towns over and they loved it. My family got an airbnb for one night and when they were able to check-in, we took the kids back and had some yummy mexican food for dinner and it was AMAZING. The kiddos had so much fun playing upstairs in the loft (I'll include pictures of the cabin they rented) while the adults played board games and had treats!

On Sunday, my sister and her family had to head home in the morning because they had family pictures that night but my mom, sister, and my brother's family headed to the lake because the wind was hardly blowing. We stayed for a few hours but the water was ICE COLD. My toes went numb the longer I was in the water..... man, it was freezing. We ate some lunch and just enjoyed the lake. It wasn't busy at all which was nice but that's probably because it was still early in the year for good weather at the lake. The lake is basically a hit and miss like all the time. Hahaha

I will not be wearing water shoes to the lake ever again. LOOK AT THAT TAN LINE!!

I'm so glad that my family was able to come up for the weekend and see where we live and hangout with us and go to the lake! :) We go to Utah a lot for family things and so it's always nice when they can come visit us in Idaho!

Girls Camp 2019

I think I mentioned on my blog that I was called as the Ward Camp Director in our little ward. I was instantly overwhelmed and afraid. Hahaha!!!

It was stake camp this year and basically, the stake planned everything. I literally had to plan nothing. Which was weird but oh well! We had a good time despite the nasty wind we had. The wind was blowing so incredibly hard all day, every day, and all night too! The temps dropped super low at night but luckily we had someone bring extra blankets so that the leaders and girls wouldn't freeze!

We set up camp the first day and mostly just hung out around our little ward area. The place we went to was some private property and just one big piece of land. We did have working bathrooms though with running water!! The only thing missing was a shower ;)

The first night we had a guest speaker come and talk to the girls and she did an incredible job. I definitely cried!! All of the towns in our stake are fairly small so we didn't have that many girls (I grew up with at least 30+ girls in my home ward alone and this year, my ward had 6 girls) which was nice because then we could keep track easily.

Wednesday came and they had scheduled a rock wall to come up so the girls could do that and some other activities that they had planned. A lot of crafts, painting, stuff like that. We had delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. I was so impressed with how good the food tasted. The girls in our ward introduced a really fun game called psychiatrist and basically one person steps away (the psychiatrist) and everyone else has to pick something that they're going to do when they answer a question. The psychiatrist has to answer questions to "diagnose" (or figure out) what it is that is "wrong" with everyone (or whatever it is they're doing) by asking questions. It was hilarious and we played it a lot! The girls loved it and it was so much fun.

Thursday was basically the same as Wednesday. The girls went on a hike, and then they set up water kickball and a couple of other craft activities. We had a special speaker come and talk on Thursday night before testimony meeting and it was incredible. Her name is Liz Barson and you can find more about her here. We had a mini testimony meeting as a ward before having some hot chocolate. I went home early and didn't stay through Friday (even though we were leaving Friday morning) because I had twisted my back some weird way that day and my sciatic nerve was causing me a looooot of pain. When I got home, Brady was cleaning the bathrooms and when I saw him I just burst into tears. I don't know if it's because I'd been so tired and away for so long without communication or what.

I also took ZERO pictures except for the beautiful sky one night so that's all you get!