Jan 1, 2019

My Goals for 2019

Goals. It's that time of year again!

I've got some goals that I wanted to share on my blog that I'm really excited about! Every year I think I set goals and then fail them within the first week. Hahaha, anyone else? Some say it isn't a good idea to set goals because you're just setting yourself up for failure but I love the way goal setting makes me feel.

2018 was a difficult year for me emotionally which affected 99% of everything in my life. It was a heavy year of grief and missing family/friends and dealing with new change every single day. I decided to get a job around August, but where we live, jobs are not very available. We live too far from two major cities where there are probably more jobs so that was also difficult. I've been working since September and it's been pretty good so far. I'm temporarily working full-time until the middle of February probably and it's gone by pretty fast. I have loved meeting people here in our town and socializing too!

Though I have come to really like it here, I still miss my family so very very much. I had a friend ask me what my life plan was the other day (friend, if you're reading this, you rock! lol) and Brady and I will be staying here another year. We are good where we're at and he likes it here and with my new job, I'm starting to really like it here too. Our friends and family have been up to visit us which is always fun and I have some plans to spend more time at the lake this summer!

Let's get to the nitty gritty! ;)


  • I want to start journaling weekly. Maybe just a recap of how I've done emotionally or how I'm doing and what I'm doing to work through it. I think checking in is always a good thing.
  • Facetime, Marco Polo or call family members when I miss them. Find an activity to do when I'm feeling really homesick.


  • Attend the temple each month by setting a date the month before. Plan out which session to attend and reach out to any friends or family that might want to come with.
  • Start reading the Book of Mormon in my new journaling edition that I got for Christmas.
  • Start prepping Sunday lessons the day before, each month, I'm scheduled to teach.
  • Make an effort to attend my Sunday meetings by getting up an hour early to get ready and eat breakfast. (Our church time is staying the same so I can get up at the same time each week.)


  • Write out my meal plan on a piece of paper and hang on the fridge so that I can see it each day. Grocery shop for the coming week on Saturday's and meal prep on Sunday evenings. Plan accordingly if I need to drive to a big city to purchase items not at the local grocery store.
  • Get up an extra 40 minutes each morning to exercise for 30 minutes, and have 10 minutes to wake up and get dressed for exercise. Lay clothes out the night before.
  • Continue following the plan I have set up with Karli (treats on M/W, Soda on Sat, and cheat meal on Fri.) while implementing old meal plans.
  • Drink more water at work by bringing smaller water bottles or cups.
  • Meal prep dinners in the mornings so that I can have dinner ready to go or to be finished when I get home from work.


  • Have our emergency fund fully funded by 5/31/19. Take the steps necessary to make this happen in my budget binder.
  • Start paying the extra amount decided towards debt to have credit card paid off 50-100% by the end of the year.
  • Pick up extra shifts when needed/available.


  • Read 50 books of different genres and track progress on Goodreads.com.
  • Declutter closet of clothing that no longer makes me happier or that I no longer wear.
  • Make an effort to get up early to do my hair and makeup, if not just my hair.
  • Clean a room/do a chore each day when I get home from work before relaxing.
  • Keep up with goal progress on the blog or in a journal.

Obviously, these are all detailed and there's quite a few of them but these are some things that I really want to work on to become a better person today than I was yesterday! I'm excited and feel hopeful about some of these!

Have you set goals? What are you hoping to achieve in 2019?

Dec 30, 2018


We had a very wonderful and amazing Christmas!

We had a few parties to go to over Christmas weekend which made for seeing a lot of our family! (*Disclaimer: We stay with my mom whenever we visit Utah so it seems like all we ever do is spend time with my family. It just looks that way since we stay there but I promise, we saw lots of family on both sides!) We went to my mom's side of the family Christmas party. We only get together with her family like once a year and it's always at Christmas. On Saturday, we went to a lunch party with Brady's dad's side of the family. It's always good to see everyone! On Sunday we had dinner with his mom and his family and played video games and just laughed with the family. It was fun!! I didn't get a whole lot of photos with Brady's family but I did catch this gem on video of his brother's little boy "playing" halo with them! :p

Christmas Eve day we didn't have any plans so we mostly just stayed home (and by home, I mean at my moms) and enjoyed the day off. It was really nice and relaxing! I curled my hair that day and it only took me like 10 minutes! It was crazy!! Christmas Eve night we had our annual buffet with my family which is always a blast. We ate a lot of food, played games (well my siblings did... I hung out with the babies) and opened up Christmas jammies! :)

Christmas day was also really fun! We opened presents at my mom's house and had breakfast with my immediate family. It's something we did growing up with my dad's side of the family and now we just do it with my immediate family since we all have our own families now and crazy schedules! We kind of relaxed for a little bit — aka, I took a 4 HOUR NAP?????? — before heading to Brady's grandmother's house to visit his mom and her family. Everyone goes to his grandmother's house on Christmas night for dinner/dessert, gifts and just being together with everyone. It's always so stinkin' fun! :) We had to rush out the door after a little while to make the drive back home since I had to go back to work the next day.

Work ruins everything.

Other than that, we had a really good Christmas and it was so much fun! I put together a vlog (Christmas special) and again... it's kind of long but full of goodies. I had so much fun seeing family and can't believe the holiday season is over. It makes me sad because the next holiday isn't until February!! Lol, new years.... I know, I know but we don't have any plans right now. Maybe we'll go sledding or something. Or stay home and enjoy the day off!

What did you get for Christmas? What were your Christmas plans?? Comment below!

Dec 18, 2018

The Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert

Last weekend I was able to attend the Christmas concert for The Tabernacle Choir! It was hands-down amazing!!! I don't even know if words will be able to adequately describe how perfect it was. Their special guest artist was Kristin Chenoweth. She is outstanding! Her voice is the best thing I've ever heard and her talent is so crazy good. She's such a fun person and really made the concert so great.

Of course, the choir and the dancers and others involved were really great too. We just had so much fun and are so lucky we got tickets this year! After the concert, we went to eat dinner at the Garden restaurant which was really yummy. We rode the train to our car and then headed home for the night. I'm pretty sure I hit the sack around 1:00 AM so it was a laaaaaaate night but so incredibly worth it! I have a vlog to share with you at the bottom of the post!

I was also able to visit my sweet friend Megan for a little while and meet her precious baby! It is always so good to see friends when I'm in town because I don't always get to see them! On Sunday, I helped my mom clean out her garage and organize it for the time being. I wasn't really up for it but I found myself still outside helping her. Haha, I love my mom and I know that it probably helped her feel so much better knowing it was a little bit organized. Plus, I love spending time with her.

We'll be seeing them again for Christmas next week! I'm so excited.

Dec 13, 2018

Reading Lately

So, my reading has rrreeeeaaalllyyy slowed down since I started working full-time. I wish I could read more but I just haven't because I've been training for the last two months but now that I'm flying solo, I think I will start to listen to audiobooks more since I can at work. :) I'm really excited about that! Here are some books that I've read since I last checked in.

Have you read any of these? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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