Last Pregnancy Update!

**UPDATE: I'm really late to posting this. Our baby girl is here and I meant to post this the day I went into labor but a lot of things happened so quickly to get her here that I wasn't prepared! Her birth story will be posted soon!!**

I can't believe I'm even writing this!!! I still feel like it was just yesterday that we were announcing our pregnancy!! These last 9 (or 10 if you're technical) months have flown. The second trimester I think felt the longest but man, we're so close! As I'm writing this, we have 30 days left until our baby's due date and I'm freaking out!!

We have everything we need, at least I hope. I'm sure she'll come and we'll be like, oh my gosh! we need this! But it'll all be okay! We're stoked for her to come. I'm 36 weeks and feeling it! Baby girl moves a lot, especially at night but you already know that. I'm starting to get uncomfortable and have been feeling some light cramping on and off. I've also finally caught some movement on camera so I'll try to include that video below!

I'm so nervous to be a mom but I know that I can do it with the help of God, my husband, family and friends. I have wanted this for so long. I've wanted to just be pregnant for so long and now that this part of the journey is almost over, I'm kind of sad. I'm going to miss her movements and my belly. I'm going to miss just having her "with" me all the time. I know life will be so much better with her on the outside but it's amazing that I wished for so long to be pregnant and now that I am, it's almost over with. It definitely happens in the blink of an eye!

I'm not sure what this post will consist of, probably just random photos and things happening with her throughout the next 4 weeks but if this is the last post before she comes, wish us luck with labor and delivery!! We're praying that things continue to go as good as they have been.

Brady didn't want to take a picture on Christmas Sunday so you get a baby bump with the hymn book!

Brady put in the car seat base and then we put the car seat in so we could set up the mirror to where we need it to be. We're getting sooooo excited!!!

January 5, 2020
As of today, 01/05, I'm 37 weeks and 5 days. I had my doctor's appointment this past Friday with my new doctor which was completely a night and day experience compared to my previous doctor. Anyway, we talked about going into labor, what that looks like, what to do when contractions start, what do contractions feel like, and any other question or concern I had. We did talk about my depression, my history with it, my medication and concerns I had about post-partum and care for myself and the baby. It felt so nice to talk to a doctor about that before the baby comes and just let them know about my history and to have Brady there to hear what he had to say. The doctor did check my cervix and lucky me.... baby girls head is sooooo low that it's pushing my cervix behind her which makes finding it very very hard so I was in like insane pain... like probably a 10. He was able to eventually find my cervix (while baby girl was moving crazy wild) and he said I'm 1 cm dilated and 75% effaced. He was really surprised at that and that baby girl's head is so low with how far along I am. He said he doesn't really tell us anything but that things could also drastically change within the next week so who knows!?!?

I see my doctor every week now until baby girl comes, which according to the photo above, could be in 2 weeks and 2 days orrrr she could go over her due date. We're just patiently waiting for her to come and can't wait to meet her. We're so excited to see what she looks like and to just have her here on the outside. Her kicks and movements are a lot more painful now than they have been but I'm trying to be tough!

38-week bump photo brought to you from the bathroom at work ;)

Baby girl is sticking out loud and proud and has dropped. Don't worry, many people haven't let me forget but I am loving this bump. I will be sad when it's gone but I know life will be so much better with her on the outside. I laugh with Brady a lot about the fact that I begged God for so long to help me and my body keep her inside until January and now that we're 1.5 weeks from her due date, I'm begging God to let her out. Hahaha!!

I have so many mixed emotions about my baby and her birth coming up who knows when. I'm emotional about becoming a mom (that's a post for another day), Brady becoming a dad and just having her here. I'm also really emotional about my dad not being here to meet her. I have had many many people tell me that they already know each other and he already has a relationship with her. I believe that I do. It brings me comfort when the days are hardest. But I also feel the grief of his absence in full force. I know I'll handle that when she's here and honor the emotions and work through it as they come but my gosh.... I wish I could see him hold her.

The Last 10 Years

I love memories. I love remembering. I love looking back at the good times. I love it all. I love looking at my old blog (I know, I know) and remembering all of those sweet times with Brady when we were first dating, to him leaving on a mission, coming home and getting engaged to getting married. Also everything in between and everything since then. It's so bittersweet to think that it's been 10 years since we first started dating. It's gone so fast and I'd love to go back but I'm so happy to be where we are, right here and right now.

As we await the arrival of our first baby. Our sweet baby girl. I can't help but think back on the last 10 years that I've had with just Brady. It has been so hard, and so much fun. It has been wonderful and trying at the same time. We have had our fair share of struggles but we've had double the amount of amazing moments. Brady truly is my soulmate and my best friend. I could never imagine life without him and I have felt that way from the beginning.

I'm so in love with him. I cannot wait for the next 10 years. I have no idea what they have in store for us but I am excited to adventure through them with Brady by my side. Maddie + Tae recently released a new song called "Trying On Rings" and it makes me think of Brady so much. Being together when we were first dating was such a fun and exciting time. We really enjoyed being with each other and always had so much fun. Brady is always making me laugh, even if he is a pest sometimes! To be engaged and then married was truly a dream come true for both of us.

From "Hey, can I get your number?"
To "Whatcha doing Friday night?"
Straight through a teenage summer
To going on our fifth July
From porch lights and swingin' on swings
To real life doin' its thing
From some silly seventeen fling
To tryin' on rings

I think no matter what life throws our way or how old we grow, my giddy-smitten feelings for Brady will always be the same. I will always feel the same way about him as I did when we first started dating. We are so excited to add a bundle of joy to our lives and hopefully more to come in the future. 10 years is a long time but I wouldn't want to spend them with anyone else!

Christmas 2019

Christmas this year was so much fun! We went to Utah to be with family. It will be our last time visiting before baby girl comes which is so weird to me but I was so excited to just be with my family. I think I had a harder time sleeping because I couldn't wait to see them than I was because it was Christmas!

We drove down on Christmas Eve after Brady got off of work and made it literally when the party started. Each year, we spend Christmas Eve with my family and we do a little "buffet." We've done this since I was a kid and I love it so much! We basically just bring tons of food and eat and play games and watch Christmas movies and then do Christmas pajamas! It's so fun and a tradition I hope to carry on with my own family.

I wanted to vlog it but I forgot. I also have to remember that not everyone in my family wants to be on video or a video that will go on my YouTube channel so I guess it's okay that I didn't really get any footage.

Christmas Day we woke up and had breakfast with my family again. We also have done this since I was a kid. We used to do it with my dads family but since our own families are growing and people are moving and other plans, we've changed it to just our family. We have the yummiest food and then we open up gifts from each other and play for a little while before going to visit other family members.

I took a quick nap because I was not feeling good. I have been feeling a little more nauseous and haven't been sleeping at all. After, we went to Brady's mom's house for gifts and games and lunch. We played a really fun game called Cover Your Assets with his brother and sister-in-law and we laughed. Brady lost which was crazy (because he always wins) but it was still pretty fun. Brady's brother brought their dog and she is SO cute!!!

Brady got a Star Wars drone for Christmas and honestly, I didn't think it would be something he'd enjoy but he has been obsessed with it since he opened it! It's really cool actually and of course, the nephews loved it!

We ended Christmas night at Brady's grandmothers' house for dinner and gifts. After we went out to my sisters house, they just moved, to see their new home and play some games! It was a good night! My poor feet and ankles were SO swollen!!

Brady kept driving Jack crazy with the drone. Jack just barked every time it took off.

Brady and I both had the day after Christmas off so we slept in and enjoyed the day before driving home. Brady went to the stores with his mom and I had lunch with my best friend! It was so good to see her and catch up with her before I have my baby!! It's so weird to think that all of our family will see us next time with a BABY!!! :O

We miss our family already and can't wait to see them all again, but this time, with our little girl!! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!

35 Weeks

So I'm starting to write this post at 30 weeks but when it goes live, I'll be 35 weeks and hopefully, baby girl will still be cooking!

So I failed my first glucose test (the 1hr). I had to go back to the lab and do the 3-hour glucose test. It was a bit of torture for me. I had to fast before coming and then they drew my fasting lab, then gave me the drink. I got lemon-lime this time which tasted SO much better than the orange one. And then they drew my labs every hour for three hours after I finished drinking. So basically I fasted 12+ hours and it was really hard. They poked me four separate times so my arms look all cute and bruised!

I got my results back a few days later via the app they offer their patients and I'm pretty positive I passed 3 out of the 4 tests. My numbers were still pretty close to being past the cut-off so I'm going to personally be very careful with the choices of food and drink I put in my body whether or not my doctor diagnoses me. It was kind of a reality check to see my numbers so high. Diabetes runs in my family and it is definitely time I do something about my numbers so I can make sure I don't develop Type 2 later down the road. Update*** At my doctor's appointment, he said the lab results he saw so far (2 out of the 4) were good and when he sees the other two if there is any concern they'll call me. So I guess I'm in the clear!

I also only have to drive to see my doctor one more time before I can finally switch to my doctor in town!! Right now I'm driving 3 hours round trip every time I go to my doctors' office but come January 1st, we'll have new insurance that will allow me to drive 10 minutes to town to see my doctor who will also deliver my baby. SO excited I only have one more drive out before she comes!!

Brady's aunt made this beautiful blanket for our baby.

The bassinet in our room. I bought this cute cow at my works gift shop and it is so tiny and perfect!

Brady's patient made this blanket for our baby. It's so cute and really soft.

Is this the ultimate preggo outfit? Hoodie, leggings, slippers. All that fits me right now.

33 weeks. Baby girl is taking up alllll the room she can.

Baby girls crib sheets came in the mail. They're so cute!!!!

This was taken in the hospital bathroom at my last doctor's appointment in Pocatello.
I've had to drive 3 hours round trip during my entire pregnancy but come the first
of the year, I'll be able to deliver at the hospital in town!! Woohoo!! #34weeks

My sweet friends at work threw me a baby shower and it was so fun! Such yummy food and it was fun to see everyone! Baby girl sure is spoiled and loved and I'm so grateful for this job and the blessing it has been in my life!!

I'm starting to really get uncomfortable now. Homegirl has no more room yet my skin still feels tight from time to time the more she grows! I can't believe we're down to 5 weeks!!! It's so exciting but I'm also so nervous!!! It's hard when it's something you've never done before and you don't know what to expect. I'm a preparer and it's hard to just kind of let things happen on their own. I have felt some light cramping, nothing that is actually painful but enough to know that it's there. Most likely my body getting ready for labor! I hope she stays in but we are just anxious to meet her!! I'm not sure what or when my next baby update will be, maybe at 40 weeks if she's not here by then but it might be when she's here!!!

35 Week Update

Size of Baby: Pineapple

Weight Gain: I gained back the 10 lbs I lost in the first trimester but Brady pointed out that technically the baby adds to my overall weight so maybe I haven't? Hahaha I don't feel like I've really gained a ton of weight and my doctor has never really said anything about it, so?

Gender: Still a girl. :) Hehehe praying she doesn't come out a boy because I'd just be so sad because we're only prepared for a girl! Hahaha

Maternity Clothes: Some of them are starting to reeeeaalllllyyy stretch. My choices are limited these days.

Sleep: Still having none of this. It's really hard because I love sleep and I hate tossing and turning but baby girl loves to party at night and no matter which side I sleep on, she moves and kicks and I feel like I'm up every 1-2 hours going to the bathroom so that's always fun.

Missing: My clothes. Hahaha honestly, I have no idea what will or won't fit after she's here and I hope that all of my clothes still fit (I'm not talking about right away).

Cravings: Peanutbutter sandwiches. Weirdest thing because I'm not a HUGE fan of peanutbutter (I'll eat it) but for some reason, I have a pb sandwich every time I work and sometimes at home. Also, I've been on a caramel kick too? Kind of weird.

Must-Have Items: Maternity garments (if you wear them), big jackets, big sweats, tums, tylenol, water, slippers, fans, naps!

Hubby's Thoughts: He is still very excited, if not more now that we're getting closer to her due date! He can't wait to meet her and see her and hold her since "I've been holding her for the last 9 months." hahahaha, he's crazy.

Best Part of This Week: Knowing that I get to see my new doctor and the hospital in town (who is literally an angel sent from heaven) in a week and I'm so happy to be switching my care over to them!!! Also, it's CHRISTMAS this week!!!! :) Last time we're visiting family before our baby is born and it's so bittersweet because idk when we'll be back down again with her!!! eeeeeek.

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